Web3 Gaming in 2022 — a short recap for all the fossils out there

The biggest bones we picked

  • Too few games are using blockchain technology so far.
  • Big players such as Ubisoft are making their way into web3.
  • Three categories of web3 game companies have emerged: big ambitions, low budget; AA-developer and AAA developer!
  • NFT games are on the rise — with a turn towards utility based NFTs in the second half of the year.
  • Ethereum currently #1 blockchain to build games on
  • FTX disaster put a dumper on gamers trust

The current state of web3 gaming

When we take a look at the current DappRadar Report, we see one thing in particular. Compared to the large web2 gaming studios, blockchain gaming is still far behind. According to the report, fewer than 2,000 gaming applications are currently utilizing the blockchain. That leaves room for improvement. Just to show the comparison, that’s way way lower than the 2008 summary of the Apple app store games listed. We’re at the earliest beginning of a trend.

Source: DappRadar and Naarvik Web3 Gaming Report 2022
  1. Small budget but very big ambitions. Games such as Genopets belong to that category, drawing media attention and building hype.
  2. AA developers — great things are awaited by them. Members to that club are Big Time Studios and the developers of games such as Upland or Illuvium.
  3. AAA developers — high hopes and already royalty. Even so, we’d rather consider them metaverses. Perhaps the most famous among them are Yuga Labs (known for the Bored Apes Yacht Club NFTs) and Animoca Brands (who brought us The Sandbox). The line between metaverse and game gets thinner.
Source: Coinmarketcap

The hunger for NFT games has risen

The flood of new game developers into the market is also changing because of new players in there. 2021 was the year of NFTs, which continued through 2022 and found its way to gaming. Interpret, a market research company, had surveyed 1,500 console and PC game players in early 2022. 56% of respondents were very interested in making money through NFTs.

Source: data.ai

A Glimpse into the foreseeable future

In 2023, we expect to see a going forward of utility based NFTs. 2022 was already a strong year for them, and now, it’s all about integrating and establishing them in gaming.

  • The infrastructure and thus tokenomics of the games
  • The talents behind the curtain developing the games
  • Of course the upcoming new games and innovations their backed with
  • The regulations, that due to current events (thanks SBF), will certainly play a central role

🦖 A dyno’s perspective … on 2022 and the year to come

We strongly believe that the combination of blockchain technology and gaming has the potential to fundamentally change the way we play and interact with and in games.

🦕 A message directly from the lab

2022 was a year of our company’s first major milestones. First of all though, we want to say a big thank you to the team and our community — it wouldn’t have worked without you. Our community is a crucial part of our team and we appreciate all your engagement and commitment.



Angry Dynomites Lab is the world’s first massive co-op multiplayer game on the blockchain. 🦖

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Angry Dynomites Lab 🦖

Angry Dynomites Lab is the world’s first massive co-op multiplayer game on the blockchain. 🦖