Theme Week 6 Recap: Building the Angry Dynomites MVP Game Version

As you know, we are currently building the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Version of the Angry Dynomites Lab Game planning to release it very soon. Every two weeks we are giving you some insights into our progress — make sure to join the AMAs in Discord.

Now, let’s look at what building the first game version means for us and what parts we consider.


As the name suggests, balancing the game between having fun in the short term and being scalable in the long term is vital. Everything must play together and work out at an appropriate speed so players can progress with crafting recipes and materials but not progress too fast and make it too difficult to progress.

Another aspect to consider is the different starting points of the players. Some will have more Dynos than others, some have Water, and some have Fire Dynos. Overall, the game must be attractive and fun for everyone. Therefore, the different interests must be combined by allowing a player who does not have that much money to be still able to join but also make it desirable for players to have more Dynos. It must be fun and exciting for everyone.

Little Sneak Peek — especially for the crafting process of the recipes the balancing is crucial:


Two aspects will be tested during the user testing sessions:

First is the user’s understanding: is the game easy to understand, handle, and play? Is the user experience fun? Does the user want to keep playing the game?

Secondly, test if the assumptions made for the balancing actually work out in practice: is the user progressing at an appropriate speed? Is the game exciting for every player group?

The users from the user testing will give different feedback and open room for more ideas. The feedback allows us to adapt the game according to their wishes in the future. Also, distinct, external perspectives foster creativity and new ideas.

If you are wondering how the daily process of building an MVP game looks like, below is an example in practice from our founder:

All of my days start with a Daily with the Angry Dyno Team — we talk about our tasks and what we want to achieve this day. Sometimes we also show each other some sneak peeks from the previous day.

Afterwards, I work on the game features with our developer and our designer to enhance and build the interactions and features of the game.

Then, I often calculate the balancing in a Google sheet by testing out different number combinations.

Every day I also take a look on our Discord and have a chat in the lounge, see if there are any problems or questions that I can assist with and see if there is any feedback to implement🦖

I also read a lot of news to learn more about what is new in web3.

Finally, I am also meeting a lot of new people and have interesting talks with them — either collaborations for AMAs or Podcasts or panel talks and discussions.

Currently, I am also looking at potential candidates because we want to grow the Angry Dyno Team.

We hope you enjoyed this theme week and cannot wait to introduce you to the next topic on Monday!

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Angry Dynomites Lab is the world’s first massive co-op multiplayer game on the blockchain. 🦖

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Angry Dynomites Lab 🦖

Angry Dynomites Lab is the world’s first massive co-op multiplayer game on the blockchain. 🦖