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4 min readDec 4, 2022


Currently, we are working hard on the MVP version of our game. But what does this mean?

MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. Understanding the concept of the minimum viable product is easier if you exchange “viable” with “valuable”. The focus lies on providing maximum value to the players without overdoing initial development and details. We created a rough version where it is possible to play the core mechanics of the game!

❗️ The sneak peeks shown below are our current status of the game and will probably change before the final release ❗️

📘 Recipes: have now different sizes (S, M, L, XL) that determine the crafting time, input and output.

Smaller recipes take a shorter time to craft new resources and produce fewer tokens in one batch, whereas larger ones take more time and produce more output

Different Sizes of Recipe Books

♻️ Throughput: Once the crafting process is completed you need to restart it. Depending on your play style & how often you want to log in, you can buy smaller or bigger recipes. The throughput of the smaller recipes is higher to reward users who want to grind & log in more often.

New Material Throughput

💰 Yield: We also want to make sure that new users or players who are more active have the opportunity to grind themselves up. Therefore the yield (defined as output/input resources) is higher for smaller recipes

YIeld shown during production

🎰 Slots: You need to deploy your recipes in crafting slots to craft new resources. Slots are limited per account. E.g., There is a maximum of 3 recipe slots, meaning that you can only deploy a maximum of 3 recipes at a time.

🆙 Level System: By crafting resources, you rise in levels that unlock new features and boost your recipes. This gives you another incentive to produce as many tokens as possible. The level is bound to your account and is not tradable

💥 Experience Points (XP): You get a small amount of XP every time you craft a new material. XP varies between the tokens that you craft. For example, tokens that require a lot of expensive tokens will give you more XP than others.

Gained XP shown

❗️ Levels: Once you reach a certain amount of XP, you will rise in levels. A new level can unlock certain features in the game & with each level, you can upgrade recipe slots to decrease crafting time & increase yield.

Different Recipes released in different Levels

Macro and Micro Balancing

Balancing is crucial to our MVP and we would like to give you some more insights on those topics.

Macro balancing is very crucial and challenging because our economy is on chain, so all resources are tokens and a whole new environment will be created. We did environment calculations about how many tokens there are in total, how much fire and water can be turned into energy, how much time the process should take, and how to motivate players to turn their fire into energy to work on the masterpiece. We used a tool called machinations to simulate particular assumptions.

For micro-balancing, we focused on recipes. This included the masterpieces’ properties, if they were enough if they should have a timeout, etc.

Together with the team, we tested it with a pen & paper style approach, which was s lot of fun! We cannot wait to release the MVP version to you 🚀

We hope you enjoyed this theme week and are excited to introduce you to the next topic on Monday!

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