Theme Week 3 Recap: Rarities

What are rarities?

Generally speaking, a rarity of an NFT is determined by the traits that are included in the artwork. Those characteristics and categories are decided upon the creation of the NFT by the creator. The creator decides which colors, items, traits, etc. will be rare and which will be more common.

For example, Angry Dynos have ten different categories: background, body, eyes, hand, headwear, mouth, outfit, rarity, skin, and supercharged. Within each category there are several different characteristics that contain different rarities. On the picture you can see 8 out of the 15 different characteritics for the Fire Angry Dynos. Check them out here:

Why do we need rarities?

Rarity is important because it is directly tied to the excitement and the price of an NFT. Rarity also helps drive demand in an NFT project and diversifies a project by offering different levels of traits and utility. One37pm

This quote summarizes quite well why we need rarities. The rarities often influence the prize, so a greater variety allows players to decide how much they want to spend on the NFTs.

What are the rarities of Angry Dynomites Lab?

Angry Dynos come in the three rarities common, rare, and legendary.

Common: 65% of all Dynos produce between 512 tokens per hour. Although creating fewer tokens individually, they will build the base supply by generating close to 55% of all Tokens.

Rare: 25% of all Dynos produce between 1315 tokens per hour. Rare Dynos form a solid middle, generating roughly 30% of all Tokens.

Legendary: 10% of all Dynos produce between 1620 tokens per hour. However, being the strongest, they only make about 15% of the total Token supply.

The average Dyno will produce 11 tokens per hour. The rarest Dynos who produce 20 tokens an hour only make up 1% of the total distribution.

We hope you enjoyed this theme week and cannot wait to introduce you to the next topic on the upcoming Monday!

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Angry Dynomites Lab is the worlds first massive co-op multiplayer game on the blockchain.

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Angry Dynomites Lab

Angry Dynomites Lab is the worlds first massive co-op multiplayer game on the blockchain.