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2 min readOct 12, 2022


Mint Infos!

The journey continues! Rising from the depth of the ocean, 1,500 Water Dynos will hatch on 16. October 2022, joining their fiery friends on Angry Island. Together, they produce element tokens, craft new materials, collaborate, and build up masterpieces to save the Dynos from extinction.

All you need to know!

  • Collection: Water Dynomites
  • Date:
    October 13th β€” private sale starts at 6 pm UTC
    October 13th β€” public sale starts at 10 pm UTC
  • Supply: 1,500 Dynos
  • Chain: ETH
  • Price: 0.07 ETH

How do I mint?

Minted Angry Dynos will be revealed on 16. October 2022 at 06:00 pm UTC.

Distribution of Rarities!

Below you can see the rarity distribution of our water collection. As already introduced in the Genesis Fire Dynomites collection we will have commons, rares, and legendaries.

Common: 65% of all Dynos produce between 5–12 tokens per hour. Although creating fewer tokens individually, they will build the base supply by generating close to 55% of all Tokens.

Rare: 25% of all Dynos produce between 13–15 tokens per hour. Rare Dynos form a solid middle, generating roughly 30% of all Tokens.

Legendary: 10% of all Dynos produce between 16–20 tokens per hour. However, being the strongest, they only make about 15% of the total Token supply.

1/1: Out of the 10% of the legendary Dynos there are 10x 1/1 Dynos. These dynos produce 20 tokens per hour.

Last but not least…

Thank you to the Community!
Your support during the last month has been overwhelming and has demonstrated the strength of our community. Although words cannot express how appreciative we are of the outpouring of kindness and support you have given us.

Join the Dyno Community now πŸ¦–!

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