16th January 2023 — Last Week in Web3 Gaming

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2 min readJan 16


Skip the noise, read a quick summary by our web2 gaming founder rev0 who exited for $160M and now builds AngryDynomites Lab

Here are the 3 main news you NEED to know:

1 || https://twitter.com/Createra_ raises $10M for GenZ metaverse game

Funding was led by https://twitter.com/a16z who sees great potential!

The overall aim is to further develop the web3 game engine for multiplayer #metaverse games.

-> imo: Big step forward and clear sign where priorities shift.

2 || https://twitter.com/Ledger launched NFT PVP card game

Known for wallets, they now add their 1st blockchain game.

Platform shall serve as a web3 game hub in the future.

To play, Ledger hardware wallet is necessary.

-> imo: Keen to see this develop, it adds security to web3 gaming.

3 || https://twitter.com/yugalabs announced skill-based NFT game!

Gamified expansion of the https://twitter.com/BoredApeYC ecosystem and part of their plans for The Otherside metaverse.

Dookey Dash will be f2p for everyone with a sewer pass — mint on the 17th for ape holders.

-> imo: They got us excited again!

What do you think of the news? Did we miss something?

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